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4 tons of steel and wood!

17 July 2021

It is probably one of the rarest – and heaviest – trailer teams in the world! Our 1950 Chrysler Town and Country 2-door Coupé “Black Beast” and our 1936 Gar Wood Speedster “Miss Persia” – combined for the first time since the restoration of the classic sports boat, which was only built 14 times. Seeing our Chrysler Woody, which has only been built 698 times, is rare – but as a beautiful team it is an absolute highlight. This 4-ton trailer team made of steel, wood and a lot of love for detail – above all our Gar Wood Speedster – will soon serve as a promotional vehicle for Gents Barn and be seen at various classic car meetings! Enjoy the view!

A Tribute to real Values

The appreciation for quality, stylish design and authentic manufacturing are an attitude towards life. Just like the joy that comes from owning classic cars, acknowledging traditional craftsmanship, or collecting memorabilia from the past.