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Gents Barn wishes a happy New Year!

31 December 2022

An eventful year is coming to an end and while you might think that the world keeps going off the rails, it's a little reassuring to watch a classic car or boat here or there that everything will be fine in the end. Take for example the 1934 Schönherr Junior boat from Gents Barn's own collection. This model will soon be 90 years old and has therefore survived World War II, the Cold War including the building of the Berlin Wall and the Cuban Missile Crisis, the oil crisis in the 1970s and also one or the other discussion from the previous owners that a restoration is no longer worthwhile or even possible. And yet, it is currently in the hands of Gents Barn's most trusted boatyard for a complete refit over the turn of the year. Because we are building for the future. With this in mind - we wish all Gents Barn fans and friends a successful and happy 2023! PS: The first pictures and information about our Schönherr Junior will follow in the summer - so stay with us until then! ;-)

A Tribute to real Values

The appreciation for quality, stylish design and authentic manufacturing are an attitude towards life. Just like the joy that comes from owning classic cars, acknowledging traditional craftsmanship, or collecting memorabilia from the past.