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“Smitty traveling the US!”

20 May 2020

Our wonderful, unique Tarz Speedster “Smitty” is now also known in the USA – today we received the spring issue of ACBS’ (Antique & Classic Boat Society) magazine “Rudder” – and were pleased to receive a wonderful article about our little GDR star . Who would have thought that the Eastern Bloc would still conquer the West? 😉 We are definitely happy, send a big thank you to our Woody friends in the States and wish you all a great time despite Corona – to read, slow down and dream of having fun on the water soon with a smal,l but wonderful mahogany Boat. 🙂

A Tribute to real Values

The appreciation for quality, stylish design and authentic manufacturing are an attitude towards life. Just like the joy that comes from owning classic cars, acknowledging traditional craftsmanship, or collecting memorabilia from the past.