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Kermath V12 Sea Zephyr

Built 08/1930 in Original Kermath Red


  • Manufacturer:
  • Type:
    V12 Sea Zephyr 4.5l Marine Motor
  • Year built:
  • Mileage:
  • Transmission:
    Original Kermath 1:1 standard direct gearbox
  • Color:
    Original Kermath Red
  • Price:
    On demand
  • Origin:



12-cylinder, 4.5l displacement, elaborately restored, approx. 110HP, available upon request with a significant increase in performance and adjusted, ready for assembly.


This Kermath V12 Sea Zephyr Marine engine is currently undergoing restoration work with our specialist for American engine revs in Seattle, USA. The former Porsche technician will completely rework this engine and restore it at a top level. It will take about four months of full-time and meticulous detail work. Kermath was the luxury maker for marine motors in the US before World War II. This powerful engine was based on the Lincoln V12 engine and was known for its silky smooth running engine. Contact us if you are interested in this unique boat engine. Available as of late summer or fall 2017.

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