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Gents Barn now a member of the Nordic Packard Owners Club

01 December 2019

Due to the early completion of the restoration and reconstruction of our famous Miss Persia, the 1936 Gar Wood Speedster of the Shah of Persia equipped with the original Packard Marine racing engine, it was very important to us to join what is probably the best club for Packard enthusiasts here in Europe and to become an active member – at the Nordic Packard Owners Club. With almost 350 Packard automobiles, it is the largest club outside the United States and the few German members are therefore part of the huge, Scandinavian fan community of this legendary, luxury brand. Although Gents Barn is the only member with the two Packard Marine engines 1M-245 and 1M-245 R (acing), it is nevertheless a great pleasure for us to be part of the automotive Packard Club scene. Thank you for the friendly reception – we look forward to the future exchange and participation in many club meetings in the far north!

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