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First test of “Miss Persia”

10 September 2020

It is with great pleasure that we can confirm today that in a few weeks – after five years of hard restoration and reconstruction work one can probably say “finally” with a big smile – our first test drive of the legendary “Miss Persia”, our 1936 Gar Wood Speedster, is getting close. At the end of September / beginning of October there may even be up to three tests – the first in the water basin of our trusted restoration shipyard, the second trial possibly in the middle of Dortmund city (we will also report on this if we get the okay from the city council) and the third test on the Datteln-Hamm-channel north of Dortmund to extensively test all functions under real conditions. We have already received an exemption from the Münster district government in order to document this event by aerial drone. Many thanks to the super friendly colleagues there and the employees of the WSA Rheine, who made this exception possible. We are incredibly happy because it will be the first time in about 70 years that Miss Persia can be admired on the water again. And almost 85 years after its presentation at the Chicago Boat Show in 1936. Be curious and keep your fingers crossed that everything will go smoothly!

A Tribute to real Values

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